Renting a Jet is a great way to avoid crowded airlines and travel quickly and conveniently during your trip. Wherever you are going, you are sure to have top service when you rent a private Jet. You will no longer endure tight spaces amongst passengers, long lines, or missing luggage.

  1. Before you call up a Jet line, you will need to know your specific travel date and also how long you will be spending the area.
  2. When you rent a Jet, choose a size or shape you would like. This may sound weird to some people who have never rented a jet, but most Jets come in different shapes and a variety of sizes. You may want to take this into consideration as far as your crew size or if you just plan on traveling alone.
  3. If you want to rent Jet services, a few companies include Luxury Air Jets and 24/7 Jets. Remember that all companies have different services including meal packages, seating, and entertainment as well.
  4. If you rent private Jet services or just want to know the overall cost, expect it to be anywhere from $1,400-$3,000 per hour. The prices usually depend on what kind of services they have, size of the Jet, and how long you plan to travel.
  5. Beware of extra costs after you arrive to your destination. Some pilots will charge you a fee per day. For example, if you plan to stay 3 days in New York – your pilot cannot go anywhere until you are ready to leave so they will have to stay at least 3 days or until you are ready to go. This means they cannot navigate other Jets while you are on vacation or business.
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